Why choose Contact

Why choose Contact

In 2002 I founded the company Qontact Electrotechniek. My objective was to have me fully concentrated on the area of installation – and electrical engineering. However by contacts with colleagues and experience on the job, I ended up going multiple ways.

Although my core buisness is electrical engineering, it is by my broad interest for technique, now possible to work on multiple surfaces of the installation technology. These activities are made possible by collaboration with colleagues in a wide network of even toned partners.

My vision is, that we, are all together a large technical company, with the advantage of a great deal of knowledge and expertise. The advantages are that the work is carried out by qualified, motivated and certified people. By direct contacts, short communication lines and think along with the client’s requirements, we are
able to realize the work. Also it is for the customer often cost-effective because we have low overhead costs and therefore very competitive.

It doesn’t matter how large your order is, everyone counts, private or buisness to buisness.

Work according to proper standards and possess the appropriate certificates and (measuring) tools.

For more information, please feel free to contact us.